Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Whangarei pools

WALT: To retell a past event.
WILF: Correct structure
          In order

Wake up mum yelled!! It’s time to go to Whangarei pools. I ignored her because I was tired. On the second Saturday in the Holidays my family and me were at Whangarei pools.

Me and my brother were having a race. In the pool it was long at the end is very deep.

After That I went into the Spa pools it was warm. Then I went into the wave pools it splashed me in the face and I got knocked over.
In the slides it was dark in one in the other it was light I went into the light one just to be safe but when I went into the dark one. I thought it was the best.

After that fun we had same Sandwiches and I said to my mum we Should come here on Drift’s birthday so he could go on the slide because he was too young.

I felt exhausted from the fun we had. As i walked out of the building I thought ‘It was a fun day!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Worst day

WALT: Write a short paragraph

My worst day was staying home because it was boring and there was nothing to do.

WALT: Recraft our writing
WILF: Hook
          Show not tell

There's nothing to do! Nowhere to go!! It's raining AGAIN!! I hate The rain! Its ruining my holiday. This XBOX is getting BORING!!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Narrative Writing

        Narrative Writing
Purpose: To Entertain our audience

Structure: Introduction

WALT: Construct a narrative with my partner.
WILF: Followed narrative structure

40 years ago in the deep blue sea lived a Crabapuss with huge fat bulging eyes an enormous slimy, long tentacles, and razor sharp snappy claws. His best friend was Sharktopus. He was half octopus and half shark. Sharktopus had six long legs and a big fin.

The sharktopus and the crabapuss were fighting Sharks then. Sharktopus told the sharks to stop but they did not listen. Crabapuss and Sharktopus hightailed away from the sharks. Then humans were diving in the sea. They tried to kill the Crabapuss and Sharktopus. The Sharks caught up. The humans tried to shoot Sharktopus. He dodged it And it hit one of the Sharks...Then Sharktopus and Crabapuss killed the Humans. The sharks are still chasing crabapuss and Sharktopus then octopuses came out of now were and helped Crabapuss and Sharktopus escape from the Sharks The octopuses done the Black staff, like a puff of black ink that comes out of their. Bottoms. They zoomed away from the Sharks. Then they lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


For reading we are learning about the importance of MAKING CONNECTIONS!
Making Connections helps us to link what we already know about the topic to the text...
Topic: Paua
😄 Text-to-Self connections… Connections to your own life experiences:
NZ black coast Rocks Paua and cream delicious seafood - in the water diving chewy colourful shell slimy strong shell sweet yummy ocean.
Books, Library, EducationText-to- text connections to other books or movies: Black gold  (70 sky) Marae kai Masters kai time Animal channel Abalone wars cams Love Life (Living channel) Nature (sky) My kitchen Rules.
Free stock photo: World, Text-to--world… Connections to what you know about the world or   your community.
NZ > called Paua Rest of the word > Abalone coastlines Eat them in all countries Limit - Quota > protect paua for the future Illegal to dive with bottles Better, bigger & move in colder, rough waters.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

WALT: Retell a past event

WILF: Correct sequence of events.

“No school work today we're cooking” Miss Wihongi
Shouted happily. Yes!! I thought to myself. I Love
apple crumble. ”Shickane” Miss called. I ran to the back
Of the class and stuck the light blue gloves on. I snatched a red
sharp potato peeler from the stack. I held my juicy apple in my other
hand. I started to peel. Finally, all the skin is off. I chopped it in half,
then into quarters, then into thin slices. I throw my load of apples
into the huge pot. Its ready to strew . Off to the staffroom we sprint.
I mixed sugar and Butter then flour. It looked like stuffing. sifted this
on top of the stewed apples. I shoved it into the burning oven. It
smelt like buttery puff popcorn. I glazed into the oven, the bubbles
reminded me of Ngawha Spring. It's ready whanau. Haere Mai ki te kai.” Miss Wihongi” yelled. I spirited to snatch a colourful bowl and waited for everyone else. I slowly scooped a massive mouthful. Solid I thought. What a mean day.