Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Whangarei pools

WALT: To retell a past event.
WILF: Correct structure
          In order

Wake up mum yelled!! It’s time to go to Whangarei pools. I ignored her because I was tired. On the second Saturday in the Holidays my family and me were at Whangarei pools.

Me and my brother were having a race. In the pool it was long at the end is very deep.

After That I went into the Spa pools it was warm. Then I went into the wave pools it splashed me in the face and I got knocked over.
In the slides it was dark in one in the other it was light I went into the light one just to be safe but when I went into the dark one. I thought it was the best.

After that fun we had same Sandwiches and I said to my mum we Should come here on Drift’s birthday so he could go on the slide because he was too young.

I felt exhausted from the fun we had. As i walked out of the building I thought ‘It was a fun day!

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